Who We Are

Skilled Vets is a premier talent acquisition platform dedicated to connecting corporations with highly qualified military veterans and veteran spouses. Our company was founded with a clear vision: to bridge the gap between exceptional military talent and organizations seeking top-tier professionals. With our commitment to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of veterans, veteran spouses, and the businesses we serve.

Meet Our CEO, Tony Riggs:

Leading Skilled Vets is our CEO, Tony Riggs, a Marine Corps veteran, and accomplished entrepreneur with nearly 25 years of experience. Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization, combining his military background with his extensive entrepreneurial journey. Through his leadership, Skilled Vets has become a trusted partner for both veterans and corporations in the pursuit of meaningful employment and talent acquisition.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ:

Located in the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona, Skilled Vets operates from our headquarters in the heart of the region. Nestled among the stunning landscapes of the Southwest, our location provides us with a dynamic and inspiring environment that reflects our company’s spirit. From this central hub, we are able to serve clients nationwide, forging connections between veterans and companies across various industries.

Our Commitment:

At Skilled Vets, we are driven by a deep sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to our mission. We understand the unique challenges faced by veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce, as well as the immense value they bring to the corporate world. By leveraging our expertise and innovative platform, we strive to create seamless and successful matches between veterans and employers, fostering career opportunities that align with their skills, experiences, and aspirations.

Building a Better Future:

Skilled Vets is more than just a talent acquisition platform. We are a catalyst for positive change, empowering veterans, and veteran spouses to thrive in their post-military careers while helping organizations tap into a diverse pool of exceptional talent. Through our dedication to removing barriers, embracing inclusivity, and facilitating meaningful connections, we are shaping a future where military veterans are recognized, valued, and given every opportunity to succeed.

Join Us:

We invite you to join us on our mission to create a lasting impact on the lives of veterans and the companies they serve. Whether you are a veteran seeking meaningful employment or an organization looking to tap into the remarkable skills and work ethic of military talent, Skilled Vets is here to support you every step of the way. Together, we can forge a future where military service is celebrated, and where the skills acquired in uniform are seamlessly integrated into the civilian workforce.